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Taylor Made Solutions Suiting every Business

Our products are created as ready to launch solutions, which help you own that product without the hassles of Developing it from scratch. We also help you customise the product for it to become a part of your ecosystem.Wristcode has the expertise to create specific solutions for you, to suit your niche.

Restaurant Management Software


RestoByte presents one integrated platform that is compatible with both the browser on your PC and tablet, offering you the software packed with dynamic and robust features that enables you to refine and enhance the overall dining experience of your guests.The tablet menu offers an extremely user-friendly interface presenting smooth and effortless navigation and surfing through digital menu and thereby catering your guests a wonderful experience. RestoByte supports Android Tablets giving you the privilege to offer your guests an experience to remember.

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Sales Management Solution


Finmerce is an all in one complete sales management solution. It’s very simple and adaptive , yet integrates a powerful POS and stock management software that empowers you to keep track of your stock, revenue and expenditure details in an efficient manner. It enables you to gain absolute control over all the accounting procedures of your organisation through the simple, well structured and economic system that it provides. Customers can choose between the customizable full control Finmerce platform or our SaaS solution depending on their respective business needs.

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A Smart Soltion For Smart Hoteliers


Pixotel is Wristcode’s module-based management software that can help hoteliers transform their brand with the the help of our visceral and end to end Hotel ERP solutions. It efficiently helps hotels increase their revenue, manage and control the accounts, enhance operations and dispatch an extraordinary experience to their customers.

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Queue Management System


Keep customers happy, reduce walk-aways, and increase sales. Quebot takes the boring job of waiting to a whole new level. It is a revolutionary way for customers to save a place on their mobile phones and stay active.We offer everything from line based to fully virtual systems. We can also create solutions around specific needs and service demand – custom made especially for you.