Grocery Tree


Manipal is a town bustling with students and working class. Given their hectic schedules, there is barely any time left for people to make time for themselves, let alone for grocery shopping. We wanted to overcome this wall of time boundaries by developing a grocery delivery app that would efficiently help people get all the needed products delivered to their doorstep within no time.


In 2017, we set up an inventory listing everything that comes under basic necessities of people. From vegetables, fruits and eatables to personal care and hygiene products, we covered as much as we could. We tried making grocery tree an one stop shop for people to get everything they need in their day to day life.


Grocery Tree is Manipal’s first all inclusive online grocery store. From farm fresh fruits and vegetables to all other day to day utilities, getting all these essential products delivered to your doorstep was never easier before. It deals with over 10,000 products from 1000 various brands. Basically, Grocery Tree is an one stop budget shop for your everyday needs.



The grocery tree app is highly easy to use and navigate. The design is simple therefore, it makes placement or orders, exploration of the inventory and adding things to the cart much easier.

Attractive design

The user interface of an app is one of the key players in determining the success of the app. We develop UI in a manner that everything remains a few clicks away.

Easy searching, easy checkouts

Our app provides quick searching, simple checkout and reasonable filter methods so that our customers can easily find what they are looking for without any hassle.

Quick browsing

We develop our application in a way that gives users a quick browsing experience that enables them to access the features of the app even with slow internet connections.

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